Useful Tips on Rattan Furniture Handling and Maintenance Rules

Regular Сleaning.

Wipe the dust regularly either with a small soft brush or with a vacuum cleaner. Wash off all the stains with a weak salt solution or a soap water-wet sponge until their complete removal. Rattan furniture tolerates humidity quite well. In order to clean it prepare a small solution of non-aggressive detergent. The sponge should not contain an excessive amount of water. Use a small brush for cleaning joints and splits. Remove the odds of foam from rattan with a soft wet wash-cloth or a sponge.


Full-Scale Furniture Cleaning.

Once a season (or a year) rattan furniture should undergo a full-scale cleaning (unless it contains additional decorative elements, wood, plywood or veneer embodiments. In this case, the furniture must not be washed categorically!)  First, clean the furniture from dust with a brush or a vacuum cleaner. Then wash it with a sponge or a soft brush moistened in warm water with a detergent. A garden hose can be used for rattan furniture standing outdoors. Drain it off in the sun or under a direct ventilation unit draught. It is good to choose a windy day for draining. It is not advisory to sit on rattan furniture until it is completely dry. After that, you can apply a thin layer of furniture wax to get a slight shining effect. In this condition your furniture will remain clean for quite a long period of time.